Instructor Resources

Workplace Logistics

SF State Account/Email

Once you have received your SF State ID number from the office manager you can create your password and request to have an email account created.

Faculty ID Card

Go to the student services building, first floor, one card window, with your university id number. You need a faculty ID to use the library as well as academic technology and other University services.

Parking Pass Registration

Please let the Office Manager know if you would like to purchase a semester parking pass.  Current parking permit fees can be found on the parking website. You cannot register for a parking pass until you receive an email from the University about semester/annual registration. Parking pass registration is open 1-2 weeks before the start of the semester.


The office manager will order keys to your assigned office, classroom/studio and any other necessary keys. You will receive an email notice when your keys are ready to pick up in the School of Art office.

Absences or Running Late

If you cannot make it to class or will be late please email the office manager and assistant office manager, and   

Changing Mailing Address

Instructors wishing to officially change their mailing address on file with the University must fill out the Employee Action Request (PDF) form and submit it to the office manager for processing. Fill out sections C, F, and I.


Accessing your Class Roster

You can access your class roster in Campus Solutions. You will need to set up your SF State password first.

There are instructions available for various functions in campus solutions.

iLearn (online classroom)

iLearn is SF State's online classroom. The School of Art encourages all instructors to use iLearn.  Take a look at the iLearn website for more information and support.

Lab Fees (studio courses only)

Effective Fall 2014, students enrolled in classes that requires a lab and/or course fee, the fees will be included with their campus tuition and mandatory local fees. Applicable course fees, as noted in the class schedule, are non-refundable regardless of enrollment date, or attendance on and after the 1st day of instruction, per new SF State policy.  Students that add a course after the first day of instruction will be required to pay fees the day after they add the course. Unpaid balances in the student's university account result in a financial hold that can affect registration, graduation and other campus services.


Instructors will receive an email with the syllabi template from the office manager. This template must be followed as all information in the template is University and department policy. All instructors must email an electronic version of their syllabus to the office manager by the deadline provided.


Use the Follett Discover application to confirm or select new textbook adoptions, or search for open education resources for your classes. If you have questions, contact the SF State Bookstore at

Projector and Laptop Checkout

There are projectors and laptops available for checkout through Academic technology, located in the ground level of the library. You must have a faculty ID to check out equipment. The School of Art office does not have a laptop or projector available for use in classrooms. Please check with your area as they may have one.

Safety Guidelines (studio courses only)

Please speak with the head of your area regarding safety guidelines that need to be discussed with your students. The assistant office manager will be placing a safety guideline signature form in your department mailbox. Every enrolled student must sign this form. The student’s signature acknowledges that they have been told about all safety guidelines for that course. The original form must be returned to the assistant office manager by the date provided.

University & Department Deadlines and Calendars

The office manager will provide an electronic and hard copy of all pertinent university and department deadlines for adding, dropping, withdrawals, finals, grading, etc. Some of these deadlines are also posted on the class roster web page.

The School of Art has several calendars available in Google. Please bookmark these calendars for reference.


The College of Liberal & Creative Arts website contains useful resources regarding plagiarism in the “For Faculty” area, including a policy statement that can be included on course syllabi, procedures and a form for reporting cases of plagiarism to the School and College.

Student’s with Disabilities

The Disability Programs and Resource Center website provides information on accommodating students with disabilities, including assignment adjustments, test accommodations, electronic resources and classroom furniture.


Instructors should refer to the current SF State Bulletin for Grading Policies and Systems for grading definitions: Incomplete (I) Withdrawal Unauthorized (WU), Withdrawal (W), and Audit (AU). 

Student Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness (SETE)

Students complete SETE’s for all non-supervised classes, through iLearn, the last three weeks of the regular semester with the final day to complete evaluations on the last day of instruction, before final’s begins. Instructor’s can access SETE results online, shortly after the semester grading deadline.

Financial Matters


Lecturers are paid in six monthly installments per semester. 

  • Fall: The first installment for the fall semester is paid around October 1st with the next four paychecks paid around the first of the month, November through February.  The sixth payment is in March for lecturers not returning to teach in the spring. 
  • Spring: The sixth payments for the spring semester are March through August, around the first of the month. 
  • Full year lecturers: For lecturers that teach fall and spring semesters the sixth payment for fall is disbursed around the first of September.

Paychecks can be picked up from the office manager on pay day after 4:00 pm. Please contact the office manager to make other arrangements to pick up a paycheck.

Direct Deposit

Available for lecturers, G.A.’s, G.T.A.’s, and students. Instructors that would like direct deposit should fill out the Direct Deposit Form (PDF) and submit it to the office manager for processing. It takes two payments (months) for direct deposit requests to go through. Direct Deposit stubs are placed in faculty mailboxes at least 2 business days after deposit.  Any paystubs that are not picked up by the end of the semester are kept on file for one year.  Paystubs are also available online in Campus Solutions under "My Paychecks".

Purchasing & Reimbursement

First time instructors are not permitted to purchase and/or be reimbursed. First time instructors should speak with their area head or the assistant office manager about purchasing and reimbursement. All other instructors must follow all purchasing and reimbursement policies and procedures provided by the assistant office manager.

Additional Resources


Art majors can check out any lockers that are not inside a classroom from the School of the Art, located in FA 281 and FA 291. Information about locker check out will be posted around the fine arts building at the beginning of the semester. We email instructors information to share with students in their classes at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.


The office manager will provide copy codes before the start of the semester. San Francisco State Univerisy is a sustainable and environmentally conscious institution. We ask that instructors limit the amount of copies they are making to help meet the University mission. All instructors are encouraged to provide electronic copies of documents to students via email or iLearn.


A network printer is available in the School of Art office. Please speak with the office manager for details.

Field Trips

Please review field trip guidelines from the Department of Enterprise Risk Management. Every student that attends a field trip as a part of class must complete the release of liability form, submitted before or the day of the field trip, as well as fill in information on the participant list.


Adjunct instructors do not have voicemail and should list email only on their syllabus. While there is a phone in the office you will be using we do not assign voicemail boxes.

Office Hours

Part-time instructors are required to hold office hours at 1 hour a week per 3 unit course.

Facilities Issues

Please contact your area technician for room openings, technical problems, equipment issues, facilities issues, etc.

  • Photography & Printmaking: Gaelan McKeown-Hickel,, (415) 405-4006
  • Textiles & Sculpture:
  • Ceramics & Painting: Keith Mitchell,, (415) 405-0914

If you are teaching a course in FA 193 please use the telephone numbers provided at the podium for technical assistance, this room is controlled and maintained by the University.


  • Withdrawals- Please check deadlines for withdrawals, on the dates and deadlines calendar provided at the beginning of the semester. All withdrawals are handled electronically. A how-to document is available on the blog, explaining how to enter a withdrawal in online. Please read the School of Art policy on acceptable withdrawal reasons.
  • Incompletes- Can only be issued to students that have completed 75% of the course and have a serious and compelling reason for requesting an incomplete. Please speak with the director of the School of Art before issuing an incomplete.

For any questions that are instructionally related, contact the Director of the School of Art

For any questions that are related to university and/or department procedure contact the office manager.