Undergraduate Program

The School of Art is committed to offering a fine arts curriculum in a liberal arts context with diverse and vital programs for the study of the visual arts in Northern California. Its programs foster development of specialized skills, encourage personal creative direction, and promote understanding of the history and cultural traditions that shape artistic expression.

Professor discussing art work with undergraduate student.

B.A. in Art

The Bachelor of Arts in Art program consists of a core and the choice of a concentration in art history, studio art, or a dual concentration of art history and studio art. All courses are designed to provide a broad experiential and conceptual orientation to the visual arts and art history. Advanced courses in the concentrations focus on perceptual skills, conceptual practices, creative expression and critical thinking. Attention is given to traditions and heritage of the discipline, contemporary issues and forms, imaginative problem solving, and written English proficiency within the discipline.

Please note: Starting in Fall 2018, the School of Art will no longer offer a concentration in Art Education. However, the pathway to teaching in Art will remain available through the Art Major with a concentration in studio art. Current students who previously declared an Art Education concentration may continue in the program and receive a BA in Art with a Concentration in Art Education. New students who wish to pursue elementary and secondary education as a career are advised to major in Art with a concentration in Studio Art.   For more information, please see here.

Minor in Art

The 24-unit minor in art is offered for students who wish to pursue a secondary interest in art on a structured basis. Students may elect to complete a minor in art if it is possible to complete the minor and current major within 120 units.

Minor in Art History

The Minor in Art History gives students the opportunity to learn about the visual cultures of the past and present around the globe. The 18-unit degree offers a series of increasingly focused courses in which students learn how to analyze and interpret visual art within diverse historical, social, political, and cultural contexts. The program takes advantage of the Bay Area's rich cultural resources, galleries, and museums. It provides students with skills and knowledge that will complement many other disciplines and major fields of study within the University.

Minor in Museum Studies

The museum studies minor is rigorous, interdisciplinary and pre-professional in nature. Coursework emphasizes acquiring knowledge in museum practice and theory to understand the public service role of museums and to apply this knowledge to support the work of museums in creating exhibits, educating the public and caring for collections, through collaborative efforts.

Changing Major/Adding Minor

Any student interested in changing their major to art or adding the art minor must:

  1. Attend a degree information session to learn more about the major/minor.
  2. Attend a change of major/add minor session.
  3. Juniors and seniors must complete course requirements.

See the Change of Major/Add Minor page for details.