Academic Advising

Advising for current majors/minors on coursework to complete the degree

Meet with your assigned adviser every semester to determine what you need to complete your degree. Students choose one of the following faculty listed under the first letter of student's last name:






Changing major to art, adding art minor

Any student interested in changing their major to art or adding the art minor must:

  1. Attend a degree information session to learn more about the major/minor
  2. Attend a change of major/add minor session

Please see the Change of Major FAQ for more information about session dates.

Juniors and Seniors interested in changing their major must complete sessions above as well as the course requirements listed in the Change of Major FAQ.

Graduation Applications

Please see one of the following faculty members to complete your graduation application. Students should use the Graduation Application Guide to begin filling out their application before meeting with one of the faculty members below.