May 2016

  1. May 4

    Sponsored: The 3 Week Diet

April 2016

  1. Apr 10

    Sponsored: 64% off Code Black Drone with HD Camera

  2. Apr 4

    Alum Jeff Ray Showcases His Multimedia 'Cathedrals' in New Exhibition

March 2016

  1. Mar 25

    Art Grad Michael Acker's Work Tells 'The Way I See It'

  2. Mar 24

    Alum Myrna Wacknov Plans Portrait Demonstration

  3. Mar 17

    Professor deSoto's 'Paranirvana' Featured in Solo Exhibition

February 2016

  1. Feb 25

    Alum Wasil Bakowicz Brings Colors, Shapes to Exhibit

  2. Feb 25

    Alum Robbie Conal: The Godfather of Guerrilla Street Art

  3. Feb 23

    Sponsored: $4.95 trades

  4. Feb 19

    Professor Johnson Curates 'Hou Beiren at 100' Exhibition

  5. Feb 19

    Alumni Gary Carlos, Shenny Cruces Featured at San Joaquin Delta College Exhibit

  6. Feb 17

    Alum Jose Carlos Diaz Named Curator at Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh

  7. Feb 11

    An Artist in Search of Ghosts: Professor Lewis deSoto

  8. Feb 10

    Increased Fees Bittersweet for Schol of Art

  9. Feb 4

    Art Professor Lewis deSoto to Speak at Napa Valley College

  10. Feb 2

    Work by Alum Irene Poon Featured at 'How Now Chinatown' Photo Exhibit

January 2016

  1. Jan 20

    Professor deSoto to Speak at University of California, Riverside

December 2015

  1. Dec 9

    Professor Hunter's Gator Statue to Spark Student Spirit

  2. Dec 8

    BART Rejects Professor De La Rosa's Mission Gentrification Art -- Censorship or Good Taste?

  3. Dec 3

    Grad Student Kimberly Arteche Creates Remarkable Rhings to Connect Art, History, Culture | AJ Magazines

  4. Dec 3

    Alum John Spence Weir Founded Visual Dialogue Foundation at SF State

November 2015

  1. Nov 20

    Alum Jeff Mann Returns to Pencil Drawings After Long Career in Film

  2. Nov 19

    Alum Marty Balin, of Jefferson Airplane, Still Flying High

  3. Nov 9

    Alum John Berggruen's Gallery Hits 45, Relocates for Millennials

  4. Nov 4

    Art Professor Victor De La Rosa Takes Stand Against BART Censorship

October 2015

  1. Oct 27

    Alum Ron Nagle's Dark, Funny Oeuvre Gets Major Art Show

  2. Oct 22

    Student Artist Odessa Blackmore Illustrates Social Inequality

  3. Oct 21

    Former Professor Meridel Rubenstein's 'Ring of Fire' Photography Captures Volcanoes

  4. Oct 14

    Art Alumni Christo Orepeza, Eliza Barrios Map Gentrification, Displacement

  5. Oct 7

    Alum Holly Haas Brings Scenic Design Talents To 'Young Frankenstein'

  6. Oct 1

    Art by Student Kimberly Acebo Arteche Featured at Kearny Street Workshop

September 2015

  1. Sep 23

    Alum Michelle Gregor Featured at San Jose City College Exhibit Showcasing Glasswork

  2. Sep 22

    Professor Arcega's Art Featured at Skyline College

  3. Sep 16

    Fine Arts Gallery Hosts California Artists in PLAY

  4. Sep 15

    Alum Suzun Lucia Lamaina Publishes Her Black Panther Party Photography

  5. Sep 2

    Bronze Works by Professor De Staebler Stride Into Montalvo

  6. Sep 2

    Alum Jared Sines' 'Impressions' Featured at Portola Art Gallery

August 2015

  1. Aug 28

    Alum Jared Sines Captures Inspirational Destinations

  2. Aug 24

    Former Professor Meridel Rubenstein Exhibits Her Photography

July 2015

  1. Jul 30

    Alum Adrian Deckbar's Post-Katrina Oil Paintings Depict Beauty, Power of Water

  2. Jul 29

    Alum Stephanie Patterson Named Events Coordinator at Salem Art Association

  3. Jul 29

    Retrospective of Alum Pearl Jones Tranter on Display in New Mexico

  4. Jul 6

    Fine Arts Gallery Partners with Asia Week

  5. Jul 1

    Alum Eileen David Paints 'Where Past Overlaps with Present'

June 2015

  1. Jun 26

    Stone Foxes Formed in SF State Residence Hall

  2. Jun 19

    Alum Michael Franti, Leader of Spearhead, Expands His Sonic Palette

  3. Jun 17

    Alumni Russell Holt, Jon Retsky Founders of Got Light, One of Largest LGBT Businesses in Bay Area

  4. Jun 4

    Public Installation by Professor Arcega Featured in Pittsburgh

May 2015

  1. May 26

    Alum Judi Iranyi Publishes Book of Pre-Earthquake Iran Photos

  2. May 20

    Behind the Canvas of Art Major Suzanne Laverty

  3. May 18

    M.F.A. Exhibition Gives Artists Fair Amount of Real Estate

  4. May 11

    Alum Ryan Watkins, Bartender at The Sea, Knows the Art of Cocktails

  5. May 11

    Alum Mark McAfee Brown Exhibits Prints in Saratoga

  6. May 8

    100 Colorado Creatives: Alum, Painter Monique Crine

  7. May 6

    Alum Allison Milham Features her Art at Gallery Opening

April 2015

  1. Apr 29

    Grad Student Shan Jiang: Childhood Redeemed

  2. Apr 29

    Road Trip: Alexandra Lederer Dedicates M.F.A. Thesis to Father

  3. Apr 29

    Threads Reclaimed: Grad Student Leah Virsik

  4. Apr 29

    Ceramic Works by Alum Tiffany Schmierer on Display in Oakland

  5. Apr 24

    Lost Socks Inspire Art of Alum Lori Goldman

  6. Apr 22

    Personal Struggles Portrayed Through Master's Thesis Art Show

  7. Apr 14

    Open Studios Featured Artist: Alum Frank Haseloff

  8. Apr 14

    Professor Emeritus Robert Bechtle Makes Potrero Hill His Home

  9. Apr 13

    Alum Marsha Blaker's Glass Sculptures Look Like Waves Frozen in Motion

  10. Apr 13

    Alum Steven Brownell Hall Featured Ceramic Artist at Sonora Gallery

March 2015

  1. Mar 26

    First New York Solo Show of Professor Lipps' Photographs Opens

  2. Mar 24

    M.F.A. Candidate Brittany Powell Shines Light on Faces of Debt

  3. Mar 10

    Alum Farraday Newsome: 'Unseen Drift' on Display

  4. Mar 4

    Mixed Metaphors: Alum Optimist's Art Featured at Oakland Gallery

  5. Mar 3

    One Man's Trash is Opportunity for Professor Arcega to Create Art

  6. Mar 2

    Grad Student Laura VanDuren Uses Citrus Skins for Spiritual Healing, Art

February 2015

  1. Feb 26

    New San Francisco Gallery Focuses on Work by MFA Students

  2. Feb 19

    Gallery to Sweep Away Art Lovers with Ocean Atmosphere

  3. Feb 18

    Professor Mullins Serves on stARTup Art Fair Committee

  4. Feb 17

    Alum W.M. Ralston-Burger Featured at Pacific Park Gallery

  5. Feb 5

    Student G.V. Kelley Brings Clay to Life

January 2015

  1. Jan 30

    Professor Arcega's New Project: Create Treasure from Trash

  2. Jan 22

    Memorial for Former Instructor Jose Babauta

  3. Jan 13

    Alum Wendy Cantfil Earns Military Relocation Professional Certification

  4. Jan 5

    Alum Diane Jacobs' Provocative Exhibit Confronts Gender Inequality

  5. Jan 5

    Alum Josie Iselin's 'Intertidal Heroes' Pays Homage to Beauty of Sseaweed

  6. Jan 5

    Alum Doug Ohm Named Salem County College's Glass Specialist

December 2014

  1. Dec 15

    Shifted State: College of Liberal & Creative Arts Interim Dean Reconsides Department Spaces

  2. Dec 9

    Alumni's Apartment Transforms Into Unique Art Space: The Lab

  3. Dec 3

    University to Postpone Relocation of Two Museum Collections

November 2014

  1. Nov 17

    United by Humanity: Art by Alum James Gasowski

  2. Nov 13

    Brittany A. Powell Explores Debt Crisis for Her M.F.A. Thesis

  3. Nov 12

    Art Student Jorunn Eikill Veflen Discusses her Fashion

  4. Nov 4

    Headlands Center of the Arts Offers Residencies to MFA Grads in Art

October 2014

  1. Oct 29

    Design and Industry Student Trevor Myers Creates Award-winning Eye-Drops Product

  2. Oct 17

    Alum Shenny Cruces' Keys Exhibit Paints University as Open Door for All

  3. Oct 14

    Alum Brent Bushnell Featured in Open Studios

  4. Oct 6

    Posthumous Exhibit for La Galeria de la Raza Co-founder Ralph Maradiaga

  5. Oct 1

    College of Liberal & Creative Arts Open Its Doors for Student Showcase

September 2014

  1. Sep 23

    Alum Ron Zak, Professor at Solano Community College, Sees World Through His Camera

  2. Sep 23

    Art Grad Marina Eckler Joins University of Colorado Faculty

  3. Sep 23

    Chinese Fiber Artist Shi Hui Visits SF State

  4. Sep 11

    The Lab, Founded by Alumni, Known for Experimental Music, Sound Art

  5. Sep 10

    Assistant Professor Matt Lipps' Work Connects Photography with Perceptions of Art

  6. Sep 9

    Lecture Series Remembers Innovative Arts, Technology Professor Stephen Wilson

  7. Sep 2

    Art Galleries on Campus Welcome Students to Express Themselves

August 2014

  1. Aug 25

    'MythBusters' Says Bye to Art Alum Kari Byron

  2. Aug 25

    Professor Lipps Transforms Old Into New

  3. Aug 7

    Alum Carla Crawford is Whiskeytown National Recreation Area's Artist-in-Residence

  4. Aug 4

    Alumna Kelly Connole Wins McKnight Foundation Fellowship

  5. Aug 4

    Gallery Henoch Introduces Alum Todd Lanam

  6. Aug 4

    Alum Melissa Joy Manning Got Her Start with Friendship Bracelets

  7. Aug 4

    Alum Josie Iselin: Beauty and the Beach

  8. Aug 4

    Alum Elaine Cahill Displays Her Artwork

  9. Aug 4

    Sedona Painting Competition Features Alumna Mary Helsaple

  10. Aug 4

    Blood Drive Held in Memory of Alumnus Max Taylor

  11. Aug 4

    The Return of Alumni-Founded The LAB, Historic Experimental Art Space

  12. Aug 4

    The LAB, Founded by Alumni, Gets Boost From New Leadership

June 2014

  1. Jun 16

    Alum Stewart Brand Founded Whole Earth Catalog

  2. Jun 16

    Show Off Exhibit in Pacifica

  3. Jun 16

    Alum Mark Huynh Wins Asian Heritage Street Celebration School Awards

  4. Jun 16

    Art by Alum Carl Turner on Display in Veterans' Exhibit

  5. Jun 16

    M.F.A. Candidate Leslie Bock's Clay Exhibit Featured in Fine Arts Gallery

  6. Jun 16

    SF State: A Byte of the Valley

  7. Jun 16

    Exhibit for Alum Cameron Fuller Opens in Quincy, Illinois

May 2014

  1. May 5

    Alum Yolanda Lopez Reunites with Mission District's Trailblazer Feminists

  2. May 1

    SF State Students Exhibit at Davis Ceramics Show

April 2014

  1. Apr 28

    Professor Lipps' Exhibit Reviewed

  2. Apr 23

    Alum Annie Guyon Revisits Her College Journey

  3. Apr 17

    Professor Arcega Shares Vision of 'New Filipino' in Hong Kong Exhibit

  4. Apr 2

    Alum Josie Iselin, the Seaweed Scanner

  5. Apr 2

    Alum Josie Iselin Gets Wrapped Up in Seaweed Book

  6. Apr 1

    Alumna Tomoko Nakazato Discusses her Artwork

March 2014

  1. Mar 27

    Professor Lipps Looks at Our Relationship with Photography

  2. Mar 21

    Exhibit by Alum Joshua Short Lets Viewers See, Feel the Art

  3. Mar 18

    Alum Monica Denevan Discusses Her Photographs from Burma

  4. Mar 17

    Alum Joshua Short 'Blurs The Lines' in Santa Fe Exhibition

  5. Mar 12

    Alum Dan Freeman Creates Artwork from Garbage

  6. Mar 10

    Alum James Reed: Master Printmaker

February 2014

  1. Feb 26

    'Progressive Proof' Printmaking Exhibit Is Art Made Entirely of Paper

  2. Feb 12

    Female-focused Printmaking Exhibit to Open on Campus

  3. Feb 6

    Professor Chung-Ray Has His First Solo Exhibition in United States

January 2014

  1. Jan 31

    Professor Richard McLean Dies at Age 79

  2. Jan 29

    Seaweed Exhibit Previews Alum Josie Iselin's Upcoming Book

  3. Jan 17

    Alum Janet Delaney's Photographs Featured in City College Showcase

  4. Jan 14

    Paintings by Alumna Livia C. Stein Featured in Exhibition in Pacifica

  5. Jan 2

    Alum Kristin Farr is 'Out There,' 'Farr Out'

  6. Jan 2

    Alum Carolynne Gamble's Art Is Her Way of 'Giving Good Wishes'

  7. Jan 2

    Alum Adelle Pruitt Has Passion for Painting, Teaching

December 2013

  1. Dec 10

    Art by Alum Jose J. Babauta featured at Isla Center for the Arts' University of Guam Fine Arts Faculty Biennial

  2. Dec 10

    Mexisoul to the Max: Alumna Diane Utley-Aguilar's Fabulous Creations

  3. Dec 4

    Ceramics sale signals end for glass class | Golden Gate Xpress

November 2013

  1. Nov 18

    Young and Talented: SF State's 26th Stillwell Student Exhibition

  2. Nov 15

    Stillwell Student Exhibition an Event Pick of the Week

October 2013

  1. Oct 31

    Alum David Klein Falls in Love with Fashion, Wants to Design

  2. Oct 28

    Alum Conrad Calimpong a Featured Artist at Sewell Gallery in November

  3. Oct 16

    Christina Abram-Davis, Cynthia Brannvall, Jennifer White, Ian Tewksbury Named Pre-doctoral Scholars

  4. Oct 7

    Furniture Reinventor Johnelle Mancha Studied Painting at SF State

  5. Oct 7

    'The Illuminated Library' and its Miscellaneous Contents

  6. Oct 3

    'The Illuminated Library' Exhibit Selected as a Bay Area Visual Arts Pick

  7. Oct 2

    SF State Celebrates Creative State Opening Day

  8. Oct 2

    Local Artist Lectures for Art Students in Graduate Seminar

  9. Oct 2

    'The Illuminated Library' at San Francisco State University: 'Paradise'

September 2013

  1. Sep 30

    Letter to the Editor: Don't Break the Glass

  2. Sep 30

    In Memoriam: Shirley Smith

  3. Sep 25

    1976 and its Legacy: Essay by Professor Mark Johnson

  4. Sep 25

    'Illuminated Library' Exhibits Art Made From Literature

  5. Sep 23

    Glassblowing at SF State is a Virtue

  6. Sep 20

    Exhibit at Palo Alto Art Center Presented with SF State Fine Arts Gallery

  7. Sep 20

    Alum Marty Balin Sees No Reason to Stop Singing

  8. Sep 20

    Breaking of the Glass at SF State

  9. Sep 19

    Glass Class Protest Rallies Small Group

  10. Sep 18

    Glass Art Program's End Spurs Rally

  11. Sep 18

    New Art Professor Michael Arcega Sculpts with Spam

  12. Sep 17

    Drive Seeks to Save SF State Glassblowing Course

  13. Sep 12

    Professor Johnson to Moderate Panel Discussion Artist Bernice Lee Bing

  14. Sep 10

    Alum Lura Schwarz Smith's Quilt Art Mixes Technology, Tradition

  15. Sep 9

    SF State Included in Terra Foundation's Nearly $7 Million in Art Grants

  16. Sep 5

    Student Brittany Powell's Art Makes 'Incredible Statement' on Youth, Culture

August 2013

  1. Aug 29

    SF State Library, Fine Arts Gallery to Show Rare Works Spanning Centuries

  2. Aug 28

    Back-to-school shows Include 'Why We Have a Body,' 'The Illuminated Library' at SF State

  3. Aug 19

    'Franken-Steiner duck' Wins Alum Bob Steiner Second Stamp Contest

  4. Aug 14

    Professor Johnson Moderates Discusson on 'The Worlds of Bernice Bing'

  5. Aug 2

    Professor Allen Comments on Artists' Magazines

July 2013

  1. Jul 16

    Alum Jeff Langdon Featured at Arcata Artisans Cooperative Gallery

  2. Jul 11

    Alumnus Zigi Ben-Haim: Footprints of Identity

  3. Jul 9

    Solo Exhibit for Alum Salvatore Pecoraro at Triton Museum of Art

June 2013

  1. Jun 19

    Alumna Rosanna Redding Teaches Cooking Classes to Other Stroke Victims

May 2013

  1. May 28

    Alum Kim Shuck Gives Reading in Alameda

  2. May 17

    Instructor Nate Watson Hones Novelty Art in Glass Blowing

  3. May 17

    Instructor Anthony Ryan Discusses Dangers of Urban Cycling

  4. May 13

    Alum Warren Fairbanks Starred in Bay to Breakers Before Earning Art Degree

  5. May 10

    Alumnae-founded Collective Diatribe Advances Legacy of Female Artists

  6. May 8

    Student Nick Oh Sculpts Dual Identity

April 2013

  1. Apr 29

    Independent Scholars Host Alum Todd Leisek - Quad Cities Online

  2. Apr 26

    Lighting, Event Design Company Founded by Alumni Russell Holt, Jon Retsky Celebrates Ninth Anniversary

  3. Apr 25

    Alum Joanne Duong Showcases Her Latest Fashion Collection

  4. Apr 23

    Second Installment of Mayor’s Art Club Artwork

  5. Apr 18

    Professor Robert Bechtle's Artwork Speaks for Him

  6. Apr 18

    Thesis Exhibition Spotlights Students' Unique Art

March 2013

  1. Mar 20

    SF State Showcases Asian-inspired Exhibit, 'The Moment for Ink'

  2. Mar 14

    Students Vincent Mares and Jex Nguyen Enjoy Pride Prom

February 2013

  1. Feb 25

    Exhibit Gives Asian Ink Artists Their "Moment"

  2. Feb 25

    Ink Paintings Exhibit Held at SF State, Other Venues

  3. Feb 22

    Alum Frances Stark Looks Back in New Exhibit 'Memento Mori'

  4. Feb 20

    Student Evan Welohr Tries to Recover Stolen Phone

  5. Feb 14

    Recent Alumna Angie Wilson Exhibits at 'M.F.A. Selections' in Napa

January 2013

  1. Jan 15

    Former Instructor Andrew Leone Comments on City College of San Francisco Plans

  2. Jan 4

    Students Sculpt Final Projects

December 2012

  1. Dec 7

    Former Instructor Joe Brubaker's Sculptures Celebrate 'Everyday Saints'

November 2012

  1. Nov 28

    Ceramic Guild Sells Handcrafted Pieces for Holiday Sale

  2. Nov 8

    Alum Robert Steiner Displays His Award-Winning Duck Stamp Artists

  3. Nov 7

    Student Jess Nguyen Shares Her Life as Genderqueer

  4. Nov 2

    Alum Thomas A. Bayne's Paintings Featured at Pacifica Community Center

September 2012

  1. Sep 19

    Art Class to Host Art Faculty Exhibition From Ground Up

  2. Sep 13

    Student Carolyn Ho Breathes New Life into Campus Gallery

August 2012

  1. Aug 24

    Alum Byron Barrett: Candidate for Albany School Board

  2. Aug 22

    Alum James Torlakson Featured at SFMOMA Artists Gallery

  3. Aug 20

    Professor Dawson Co-curates Exhibit at Creativity Explored

July 2012

  1. Jul 30

    In memoriam: Alum Jacinto Quirarte

  2. Jul 26

    Alum Don Krahn's sculptures on display at Idaho Black History Museum

  3. Jul 18

    Alum Al Olson's magical teaching brush

  4. Jul 6

    SF State by the Numbers

  5. Jul 6

    Alumni Artists Help Celebrate the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th

June 2012

  1. Jun 26

    Alum Nita Riccardi gives Victorians colorful makeovers

  2. Jun 6

    Artist Spotlight: Sea Life Finds Its Way Into Alum Kristina Ayala’s Work

  3. Jun 1

    Alumna Jana Asenbrennerová: The power of passion

May 2012

  1. May 29

    Artist/poet/alumna Heléne Aylon combats male-centered Judaism

  2. May 25

    Prof. Richard McLean retrospective at St. Mary's College

  3. May 23

    Art alum Tom Griscom: The 10,000-hour rule

  4. May 21

    Alum leads effort to build home for City College's Rivera mural

  5. May 18

    Alum serves on exhibit jury at high school

  6. May 14

    Students create large prints using 12-ton steamroller

  7. May 11

    Season of the Newest: J.D. Beltran visits Bay Area M.F.A. exhibits

March 2012

  1. Mar 14

    Stretcher | Posts | SmARTspace at SFSU

  2. Mar 14

    MAY, Patricia

  3. Mar 9

    Creating images that last - Times-Standard Online

  4. Mar 6

    March in March unites students and faculty at State Capitol - The State Hornet: News: march in march, rally, state capitol, protests, sacramento

  5. Mar 5

    William King exhibit fuses fine art, pop culture- Kingsport Times-News

February 2012

  1. Feb 29

    SF State interactive art exhibit opens in memory of late professor Stephen Wilson | Golden Gate Xpress

  2. Feb 22

    Interdisciplinary artist Amy Franceschini to visit UGA | Online Athens

  3. Feb 17

    New exhibit celebrates blending of art and technology - San Francisco State University

  4. Feb 13

    Images show gateway into past - The Orion: Entertainment

  5. Feb 9

    TV show, books, designs -- Livermore quilter has built quilting empire -

August 2011

  1. Aug 15

    Sensorial - The MFA Exhibition at the California College of the Arts : JD Beltran : City Brights

  2. Aug 12

    List of artists for Central Subway project whittled down | San Francisco Examiner

June 2011

  1. Jun 13

    Pacifica Realizes a Treasure in Spindrift - Pacifica, CA Patch

  2. Jun 3

    A Quarterly Designed to Tweak All Senses in the Bay Area -

May 2011

  1. May 31

    Leonora Carrington, Surrealist, Dies at 94 -

  2. May 31

    Steven J Tepper: Uncle Henry Is Wrong. There's A Lot You Can Do With That Degree.

  3. May 25

    Don't Throw This Away! 'Artists' Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art' < PopMatters

  4. May 25

    Stephen De Staebler, Sculptor of Bronze and Clay, Dies at 78 -

  5. May 23

    OIT | News > Photographic Exhibit at the Shaw Historical Library at Oregon Tech

  6. May 20

    Internationally Acclaimed Sculptor Stephen De Staebler Has Died at Age 78

  7. May 20

    Renowned Berkeley sculptor Stephen De Staebler dies at 78 - San Jose Mercury News

June 2010

  1. Jun 11

    Media Arts Festival Rewires Tenderloin - The Bay Citizen

  2. Jun 4

    SF State Magazine Spring/Summer 2010 ~ Final STATEments: Where the Wild Things Are

  3. Jun 4

    SF State Magazine Spring/Summer 2010 ~ Alumni & Friends: Opening the Doors to Justice

  4. Jun 4

    SF State Magazine Spring/Summer 2010 ~ Chat Room: Letters to the Editor

May 2010

  1. May 17

    Michael McMillian took the underground to strange corners of outer space | Hero Complex | Los Angeles Times

  2. May 17

    Painter, printmaker Karl Kasten dies at age 94 | Canada Views

  3. May 13

    05.12.2010 - Painter, printmaker Karl Kasten dies at age 94

  4. May 12

    City Brights: JD Beltran : State of the Artists

  5. May 6

    Good Day: May 6, 2010 | San Francisco Examiner