NOTE:  If you are graduating in FALL 2020 (i.e. January 2021), you will follow the old process.  Meet with your advisor. Apply to graduate through your online student center and submit a PDF graduation application via email to your advisor ( PDF form available here:  ) The priority deadline is September 25, 2020. After this date you will pay a $5 late fee.



You will follow the new electronic graduation process.

1. Meet with an advisor to plan out your remaining coursework and confirm your eligibility to graduate in the spring.

2.  Apply to graduate through your online student center. The priority deadline to apply to graduate Friday, October 16, 2020. (After this date you will pay a $5 late fee.) [This declares your intent to graduate. You will only pay the graduation fee once--if for some reason you do not graduate in the spring simply email the registrar's office to notify them and it will carry over to the next semester/year.]

3. Track your progress using your Degree Progress Report and meet with an advisor to stay on track and make any course substitutions / approvals. Once your DPR shows that you have fulfilled all of the requirements, you will graduate and will be notified automatically about the graduation details and process.


Visit the SFSU Graduation Website for full details on the graduation process. 


Email or attend one of our Graduation information drop-in session for information on graduation and the DPR:

Graduation / DPR Information Drop in Session with Director Gwen Allen:

Friday October 2, 2020 3:30-4:30 PM  - email for zoom link