M.F.A. student Leonard Reidelbach Artist-in-Residence at Recology

Author: Recology
February 15, 2022

"My work spirals around the spiritual, social, and material complications within trans embodiment. Cruising across material and motifs, I bring big color and fluid movement to build towards heterotopic worldmaking. Formal and material explorations live somewhere between a poetic and functional stab at alternate futurity. By creating rifts and variations patterns, I can begin to engage an infinite potential of pasts and futures.

I plan to use my time at Recology as an exploration of the connection to recycling and the repeating pattern: an image/object that carries the past, holds space for variations, and proposes new possible futures. A reconfiguration of the same image morphing the reality of our perceptual and physical body. Desire for a more welcoming possible future living in the next variation of a repeat."

Residency: February 2022 - June 2022
Leonard Reidelbach's website

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