Transfer Students

How to Apply

Transfer students must apply to the University.  The bachelor of arts in art does not have a portfolio application requirement.


Transfer students should meet with a faculty advisor in art as soon as possible to evaluate courses completed at other institutions and what courses will apply to the major. Faculty advising is available during fall and spring semesters with limited advising during the summer and winter. Transfer students can meet with an advisor prior to entering the University. We also encourage transfer students to meet with an advisor about general education requirements in the Undergraduate Advising Center.

General Education Requirements

Transfer students will have some general education requirements to complete at SF State. Students should check their bulletin and meet with an advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center to ensure G.E. requirements are completed.

Transfer Courses

Lower-division art courses taken at community colleges may satisfy some of the requirements for the major program. Advanced courses taken at accredited colleges and universities may also be considered for transfer. To find out what art courses transfer to SF State please visit, as well as SFState Articulation This website will let you know what classes at your transfer institution are equivalent to classes offered in the art major at SF State. If your institution is not listed you need to speak with a faculty adviser in your area of emphasis to find out what courses are equivalent and will transfer. For students transferring from other institutions, a minimum of twelve units in residence is required. Students should note that while some courses may not directly articulate to an art course at SF State we may be able to count it as a lower division course requirement. This does mean, however, that the student may not have completed a prerequisite course for an upper division course resulting in the inability to register for an upper division art course at SF State.

Art Requirements

Transfer students will most likely have completed all lower division requirements in the major at their transfer institution but should meet with an art adviser to confirm. The first semester at SF State should include 300 and 400 level classes only to establish a smooth and straight-forward transition into coursework at SF State. Please follow the roadmap for your concentration in the bulletin, beginning with the 5th semester, for the recommended course sequence.


For additional information, view the Future Students/Transfer website.