SF event showcases young artists, benefits Youth Art Exchange

Author: KRON-TV
June 9, 2022

Artist Daniel Acosta, an alumnus, was interviewed about his recent participation in an art show to benefit young artists.

"'I didn’t know how to speak until 7, I couldn’t read until I was in the 5th grade, so I drew a lot,' emerging artist Daniel Acosta told KRON4. 'I eventually got into OSA (Oakland School for the Arts), Zendaya used to go there.' 

Acosta, 23, is a recent college graduate from San Francisco State University who majored in fine arts.

'Aether is important because it gave me the opportunity to enter the San Francisco art scene,' he said. 'Now that I’ve graduated and I’m out in the world, events like these help me and other artists find our niche and communities.'"

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